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Personal transformation requires radical change. It has been said that the only thing you can count on in this world is that nothing stays the same. You can change your address, your job, your wardrobe, your friends—you can even change your name—BUT your life will not transform until you change the way you think. Becoming a Christian ignites the process of transformation. Your relationship with God, eternal destination, and true self become new. Yet even with all these wonderful changes, we are left in a world, remain in a body, and are stuck with a mind that is pretty much the same.

In this book, John Carter will teach you that God has designed a plan of genuine transformation for every person, one that goes far beyond the initial moment of salvation. Whether you realize it or not, you have the capacity and power to influence the direction of your life through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can change. Here’s how.

The Author

John Carter is committed to helping people reach their potential in life through spiritual transformation. Known for his engaging and practical teaching style, he is the senior pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center, a culturally diverse church located in Syracuse, NY. He is the founder and president of Mercy Works, a charitable organization that creatively meets the practical needs of distressed urban communities. John and his wife, Lisa, have three sons—Jordan, Joshua, and Caleb.

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The Transformed Life

by John Carter

Embark on your journey and discover how to live from the inside out. Begin your transformation today.


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